What is "Enough"?

What is "Enough"?

What is “Enough”?

As I sit warm and cozy with my husband and dog nearby on this Christmas Eve I feel stirred to ask, what is ‘enough’?  For children, this time of year, the list is endless.  It is indeed a magical time of cheer, hope, promise and dreams.   No matter what your faith, the spirit of giving and receiving is contagious, be it a smile, a door held or a plate of cookies.  All are gifts of the heart and gifts of generosity.  Enough is then, that which warms the heart, feeds the soul, and compels us to pass on the joy of being.

Enjoying our families through the holidays helped me realize that “enough” for our children with challenges and disabilities is often a welcome place to go, where learning is accepted on their terms and some days just showing up is the best we can do.  “Enough’’ is the effort to try…time and time again. 

It is the knowledge that growth is gained incrementally, quietly and with pride.  It is knowing that behind each triumph is a parent, grandparent, or friend who believed it could be done, just now always knowing how. 

It is the grace of accepting setbacks and roadblocks as paths to greater strength.  Believing that when ‘enough’ has been ‘enough’ we will prevail somehow, someway. 

It is knowing we have a circle of people who care, support, and tenaciously protect our dreams for us when we are tired.  Those who bring us laughter, a hug, a cup of coffee or smile…that is ‘enough’.

So as I ponder this and all the blessings in my life, I know I have ‘enough’.  I have family who love and support my dreams, accept my quirks and eat my cooking.  I have a staff that is talented and committed beyond compare, and have the very best sense of humor and love for one another.  I have clients and families who believe in us, care for us and trust in us ‘enough’ to share their precious children week after week.

Yes, I have more than “enough’’ and for that I am grateful and content.

Have a blessed new year full of ‘enough’ for you and your loved ones!




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