Time for Transition…

Time for Transition…

Spring weather is FINALLY here and I for one am so excited! As I sat outside the other day in my lawn chair and let my bare feet sink into the cool grass, I was able to reflect on how new seasons and events bring about times of transition. From spring cleaning, to preparing for the end of school, to summer camps, college moves and weddings, life is full of transition and it is up to us to tackle it in the most positive and healthy ways possible.

Speaking from personal experience as I’m a newlywed of a month, transition can be fantastic…and frustrating. As excited as I was to be a wife and move into a home with my husband and continue my career, I had to keep in mind that this was an important transition in my own life and it was going to take some work! Organization has been an enormous help and I find myself making checklists for so many things (Alaina’s previous blog on checklists is excellent)! We have also been maintaining a monthly calendar in the kitchen which has proven to be quite beneficial. Not only does it keep me on track with what I have going on throughout the month, it allows my husband to be in-the-loop with my schedule and me with his. We are learning to work together to make this new season of life wonderful!

One area of transition that I see so often around this time of year is that school will soon be out for the summer! If entering a new grade in the fall may be making your child, or you, anxious, don’t be afraid to do some prep over the summer. If your child is going to a new school and they are feeling unsure of the layout and where classrooms are, work together to draw a map and practice drawing routes to and from different classrooms! If social communication and challenging situations are areas of concern, create some social scenarios and act them out and problem solve together. Be sensitive to listen and provide honest, constructive feedback.

Finding time to be alone is something I find to be crucial in preparing for any transition, whether it be for just myself or others. It is difficult enough for you to sort out the millions of thoughts running through your own brain, let alone 5 other people asking you “What’s for dinner? Did you do the laundry? Can I have a sleepover? He keeps poking me!! Do I have to go to the dentist?”  Try to find an hour or two each week for yourself to reflect and get your thoughts in order in a pleasant and non-stressful environment. Your organization and understanding of the change taking place will positively affect those around you. Suggestion: Grab a cup of coffee or tea, find a notepad and/or calendar and head to a quite place with minimal distractions. Let your thoughts pour onto your notepad in whatever order they land and then prioritize. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to take a break and work on it later.

Embrace and learn from new opportunities as they provide growth and strengthen who we are as individuals.

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