"Thanks for all the work with Maddison. Her progress since coming to your clinic is impressive. Under your guidance she has made great strides and Bruce and I really appreciate you and your staff." 


"As the parents of a young boy who struggled with school and basic social interactions, the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome was both a relief and a concern. Fortunately for us and for our son, we found the Center for Speech, Language, and Learning (CSLL). In just over 16 months our son has made tremendous strides in school and at home. 

Laurie Johnson, our main contact at CSLL, understood what our son was dealing with. She taught our son how to cope with situations that previously resulted in meltdowns, poor performance or awkward reactions. Laurie also provided us a clear picture of what our son is dealing with and created a plan that made our home life much more enjoyable. 

The people at CSLL are wonderful and extremely talented. We strongly recommend Laurie Johnson and the Center for Speech Language, and Learning." 

Craig and Erin

"If you were lucky enough to stumble upon this website as I did, believe me, you have found what you are looking for.

CSLL has been a huge help both to myself and my children. I cannot say enough about the advocacy I have received here as well as the skills my children have gained here. Both of which have been priceless. I have been so amazed with how well the Center for Speech, Language and Learning professionals have been able to identify and address working with the needs of my children as well as guide me and our school with how to work with my children. 

Laurie and Jean have been the best advocates to help me with support during all of our IEP meetings. I was having a really tough time getting the needs of my kids met in the school system before I found her. When I reached out to Laurie, she met with me and looked over the IEPs for both of my children as well as the outside evaluations we had done. I explained the troubles each was having in school. She understood how we needed to make accommodations to get what I had hoped before she had even started working with my children. With Laurie's understanding of how to navigate within the school system and her knowledge of how to meet the chidren's needs, we finally were able to have fruitful meetings. She is very accessible even with a busy schedule she finds time to respond to emails and be present as needed for IEP meetings. I have not found this kind of support anywhere else. Jean and Laurie have been amazing. 

I have gained piece of mind knowing we have them on our team. I feel that since I have been working with the Center for Speech, Language and Learning I am giving my children the best of what they need."


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