Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy services at Center for Speech, Language, and Learning Inc. can help children develop and build skills important for independent functioning, health, well-being, security and happiness.


Comprehensive and holistic evaluations are offered in areas including: fine, visual and gross motor skills, cognitive function, visual perception, self-care skills, and sensory processing skills. The OT’s at the Center for Speech, Language and Learning, Inc. have up- to -date training and experience with performing standardized tests. We at CSLL believe that complete and thorough assessments drive interventions. We use the following assessment methods to complement this goal:

  • Parent, Teacher, and Child Interview
  • Home and School observation (if necessary)
  • Standardized Tests
  • Vision Screening (acuity, convergence/divergence, saccades, smooth pursuits)
  • MNRI Primitive Reflex Testing


Occupational Therapists plan and implement relevant sensory-motor intervention strategies and developmentally appropriate activities to create an environment or structure that regulates your child's sensory system through your child's primary "occupation", that of play. This is derived from a complete and holistic assessment process. Occupational Therapists at CSLL use a variety of therapeutic approaches to address a child's functional needs; OT services are provided on a continuum to meet a child's changing needs. CSLL OT’s have extensive training in determining challenging therapeutic activities which address holistic development and function of the child in his/her home, school and community. Training and materials for home programming are provided when appropriate. Occupational Therapy services focus on enhancing participation in and performance of:

  • Executive Function Skills (Attention, Organizational, time management, flexibility Skills, etc.) 
  • Sensory Processing Skills (Feeding, sensitivities, etc.) 
  • Hand Function/Fine Motor Skills
  • Motor Planning Skills
  • Gross motor coordination
  • Core and postural stability 
  • Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Activities of Daily Living (Feeding, Dressing)
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (play, cooking, household tasks, school tasks, etc.)
  • Social Skills
  • Needed Assisstive Technology Devices and Supports

Intervention Modalities

(depends on outcome of assessments) 




"As the parents of a young boy who struggled with school and basic social interactions, the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome was both a relief and a concern. Fortunately for us and for our son, we found the Center for Speech, Language, and Learning (CSLL). In just over 16 months our son has made tremendous strides in school and at home..."


We Offer:

  • Family counseling related to disability
  • Extensive Parent library including books, DVDs, videos and handouts
  • Attend IEP Meetings (School) to support and advocate for children in the educational setting
  • Attend medical appointments when requested
    by parent
  • In-home support
  • Collaboration with schools, daycare, preschool professionals
  • Employment support for adults
  • AAC, PECS and visual support systems
  • Referrals to appropriate providers, if necessary