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Augmentative Communication Devices

  • A great site for finding applications and programs for technology in general and emphasis on Apple based products... view and reviewed products: speechtechie


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  • Wright's Law
  • IEP Placement Tips

    FAPE...What does this mean??

    From Wrightslaw.com, Pat Howey provides tips on what to consider when making placement decisions for your child in Special Education.  Informative and clarifying of the process parents need to be aware of as they enter these decisions and meetings.

    10 Tips

    Now that school is in full swing many families are reflecting on their child's IEP (individualized education plan) and wondering if they have developed the best program for their child or fit their child into the program that is available.  Wrightslaw.com addresses exactly what a 'Free and Appropriate Education' means in the article in this link:


    Social Autopsies:  Rick Lavoie, PhD, shares insight in this article about the reason for social autopsies and how this is a learning  process, not punitive.

    Social Competencies



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